Whippet Echoes – October 25, 2014


In recent months Whippet Echoes has been immersed in the All-Alumni Weekend, Hall of Distinction and SHS Veterans Roll Call.  Your Faithful Fivesome have been writing and transmitting special editions of this email newsletter plus alumni alerts. In addition, they have tallied Hall of Distinction votes and replied to numerous alumni questions. In all, the Faithful Fivesome have invested countless hours communicating with the more than 2,200 recipients of Whippet Echoes.  Now, with this 133rd edition,  we will do some catching up.


Barbara Pry March ’51 died at 78 on Nov. 18, 2011 in Columbus.  Surviving is son Mike.

Melissa Witchey ’84 died at 47 on Nov. 1, 2012 in Columbus.  Surviving are siblings Eric ’76, Nicholas ’85, Leonore ’79.

Joyce Leohner Boquist ’81 died at 48 in Ashland on Aug. 21, 2012.  Surviving is Randy, her husband since 1994.

Elizabeth Karr Jones ’49 died at 82 in Sun Lakes, AZ on Dec. 21, 2013.  Surviving is Bob, her husband of 56 years.


Melba Graham Armstrong ’48 died at 83 at her home in Anchorage, Alaska on February 11.  Surviving are children Bob of Michigan, Kevin of Anchorage, Cheryl Thompson of Nevada.

Charlie Blosser ’51 died at 81 in Royal Oak, Michigan.  Surviving are Bridget, his wife of 29 years, and daughters Melanie Van Allen of New York City and Amber Galea of Ann Arbor Twp, Michigan.

The Cline kids - Dale of Shelby; Ted of Carthage, NC; Dave of Lexington; Susan Costein of Plymouth – lost their mom when Doris Sheldon Cline died at 83 on Feb. 20 in Shelby.

Hope Stehling Gwirtz ’64, a Shelby resident, died at 67 on Feb. 26 in Shelby.  Surviving are Tom, her husband of 44 years, and children Rebecca Gwirtz ’93 and Sara Slaven ’94, both of Columbus, Brendan of Brunswick and Katie Moyer of Plain City.

The Biglin kids - Bob ’59, Richard ’63, Linda Moore ’62 and Janice Wolford ’65, all of Shelby; Ron ’64 of Crestline and Diane Krynock ’70 of Lakeside-Marblehead – lost their mom when Mary Alice Biglin died at 93 on Mar. 1 in Shelby.

Wanda Humphrey ’42 died at 89 on Mar. 2 in Shelby. She was a Navy Nurse Corps veteran.

Betty Joanne Danals Chase ’57 died at 74 on Mar. 3 in Shelby. Surviving are daughter Sheryl Potts ’81 of Shelby and son Brett Danals ’84 of Greenville, Michigan.

Charles ‘Rick’ Carter ’65 died at 66 on Mar. 12 in Millersburg.  Surviving are Joni, his wife of 30 years, and children Andi Poiner of Martin, TN; Kristin of Wooster; John of Millersburg and Chuck of Mansfield.

The ter Braak sisters - Jane Johnston ’66 of Santa Barbara, CA and Judy Montes ’70 of Santa Monica, CA – lost their mom when Pearl ter Braak died at 97 on Mar. 28 in Shelby.  She was a graduate of Maplewood, Missouri HS.

Jack Stickney ’40 died at 91 on Mar. 31 in Springfield, OH.  He was a WWII Merchant Marine veteran.  Surviving are wife Ruth Hollenbaugh Stickney ’49 and children Marva Victor ’72 of Montrose, CO; Patti Ann Wright ’73 of Beaufort, SC and Ed ’70 of Yountville, CA.

Dick Keller ’60 (Brother Richard Keller, C.S.C.) died at 73 on Mar. 29 in Gates Mills, OH, at Gilmour Academy where he had served for the last 37 years of his career.

Linda Clabaugh Utz Oechsler Cooper ’60, a Shelby resident, died at 71 on Apr. 11 in Columbus.  Surviving are husband Dennis, son Jeff Utz of Park City, Utah and daughter Melinda Mess of Shelby.

Rosemary Payne Bogner ’35 died at 97 on Apr. 11 in Lincoln, Rhode Island.  Surviving is daughter Bonnie Jo Murphy of Lincoln.

Rick Landis ’63, an Ashland resident, died at 69 on Apr. 14 in Cleveland.  Surviving is Ellie, his wife of 41 years.

Alberta Stewart Burks ’54, a Shelby resident, died at 78 on Apr. 19 in The Cleveland Clinic.  Surviving are Harold, her husband of 58 years, son Duane of Mansfield and daughter Brenda Reeves of Wisconsin.

Dave Johnson ’61 died at 71 on Apr. 19 in Loudonville.  He was a Marine Corps vet.  Surviving are Joyce, his wife of 28 years, son Mark of Arizona and step-children Jeremy Kidwell of Polk, Kathy Edwards of Ashland and Gayle Campbell and Tracy Butler, both of Loudonville.

Ron Schull ’62 died at 69 on Apr. 21 in Gahanna.  Surviving is Caryl, his wife of 40 years.

Tamara Rogers Keene ’86 died at 46 on May 26 in Shelby.  Surviving are children Amber Keene of Shelby, Jim of Milan, Heather Keene of Mansfield and Brad Beck of Plymouth.

Chuck Knapp ’50 died at 81 on Apr. 19 in Shelby.  He was a Navy vet. Surviving are Pat, his wife of 36 years, and daughters Cindy Dowds and Lori Kaul, both of Portland, OR, and Heather Carpenter of Shelby plus step-children Lisa Hogue of Columbus, Elizabeth Swinford of Washington, D.C., Mike Crall of Rockford, Michigan and Patrick Quinn of Raynham, Mass.

Tom Horner ’69 lost  his mom when Dorothy Bevier Horner died at 88 on May 3.  She was a Tiro HS grad who taught in Shelby schools.

David Spangler ’63 lost his wife Kathy when she died on May 10 in Tempe, AZ.  Also surviving is their son Andre.

Gene Coffey ’50 died at 81 on May 25 in Ontario.  Surviving are children Kim Coffey of Reynoldsburg and Steve of Dayton.

Mark ‘Kip’ Milliron ’74 died at 58 on May 31 at his home in Lewisville, TX.  Surviving are children Nathan McCain of FL and Ariel Hale of CA.

Bill Richert ’60 and Bob McCullough ’66 lost their mom when Dorris McCullough died at 94 on June 20 in Georgetown, TX.

Ruth Marie Winans Wires ’53 died at 78 on June 24 in Columbus.  Surviving are children Eric Witchey ’76 of Salem, OR; Nicholas Witchey ’85 of Laguna Hills, CA; Leonore Witchey Lakshmanan ’79 of Piscataway, NJ.

Jim Leonhardt ’61 lost his wife Carol on July 1 after a year-long battle with cancer.  Jim lives in Gilbert, AZ.

Sandra Keiser Minor ’59 died at 72 on June 27 in Norwalk.  Surviving are husband Don and children Melanie Gaines of Shelby, Brad Billman of Norwalk, Brian Billman of Sandusky, Dan Minor and Randy Minor of Norwalk, Jenny Dreschel of Castalia, Dave Minor of Norwalk.

Agnes Coleman Prada ’50 died at 81 on June 27 in North Olmsted.  Surviving are children Mary Tabbaa of Mousab, MD and Joe, Jim, Karen Fornaro, Jenny Ventura and Bill of the Cleveland area.

Sharon Fritz Felter ’71 died at 61 on July 10 in Sandusky.  Surviving is husband Mike ’71.

Harry ‘Al’ Milliron ’50 died at 82 on July 13 in Jacksonville, FL. Surviving are sons Scott and Allen, both of FL.

Doris Travis Ritter ’42, a Bellville resident, died at 90 on July 15 in Mansfield.  Surviving are son Brian of Akron and daughter Connie McClellan of Bellville.

Jane Ruckman Baus ’65 lost her husband Don when he died at 72 on July 11 while they were vacationing in Montana. They had been married 44 years and lived in Cleveland Heights.

Linda Carol Artz ’71, a Shelby resident, died at 61 on July 26 in Mansfield after a long illness.  Surviving are Jim, her husband of 21 years, and children Dodi Moore of Lucas, Reggie Lowe of Ontario, Erin Brunnell of Butler and Jamie Artz of Ontario.

Martha Corwin Baker ’41, a Shelby resident, died at 90 on July 25 in Ashland. Surviving are daughters Barbara Jo Hess of Sanford, NC and Karen Reiker of Ashland.

Betty Pry Poland ’43 died at 89 on July 26 in Mansfield.  Surviving are Herb ’44, her husband of 65 years, and daughters Patty Harvey of Shelby and July Poland of Naples, FL.

The Todd brothers - Rodney ’69 of Crestline, Russell ’72 and Mike ’77, both of Shelby – lost their dad when Daimon died at 87 on July 27 in Shelby.

Paul ‘Doug’ Hamilton ’68 died unexpectedly at 65 on Aug. 3 in Shelby.  He was an Army vet.  Surviving are wife Cathy and children Robin Smedley, Jennifer Markwell and Dustin, all of Shelby.

Sandi Evans Rogers ’65, a Shelby resident, died at 67 on Aug. 2 in Columbus.  Surviving is daughter Alison of Shelby.  Preceding Sandi in death were her husband Luther in 2007 and daughter Tamara Keene on May 26, 2014.

Susan Robinson Stacklin ’60 died at 72 on Aug. 5 in Shelby.  Surviving are Joe, her husband of 50 years, daughter Judy and son Jeff.

Ron Finnegan ’51 died on Aug. 14 in Crestline.  He was an Army vet.  Surviving are Barbara, his wife of 49 years, and children Tanya Hartings, Shannon Finnegan and Rhonda Gregson, all of Crestline, Erin Finnegan and Molly Belcik, both of Shelby and Madison Ratliff of Dublin.

Dave Worthington ’56, a Shelby resident, died at 78 on Aug. 15 in Columbus.  He was an Air National Guard vet.

Barbara McLaughlin Holt ’68 died on June 8 at her home in Ventura, CA.  Surviving are former husband Larry Holt and children Amanda Rego of Lebanon, KS; Tyler of Ventura and Garrett of Washington, D.C.

The Fitzpatrick kids - Kevin ’73, Keith ’74, Kyle Corna ’75 – lost their mom when Joan, an Upper Arlington resident, died at 80 on Aug. 8 in Columbus.

Chuck Phillips ’47 died at 85 on Sept. 1 in Shelby.  He was an Air Force vet.  Surviving are five daughters – Susan Black ’76 of Toledo, Karen Brumenschenkel ’79 and Sally Phillips ’80, both of Shelby, Kelly Wurus ’82 of Mansfield, Mary Rodriguez ’86 of Shelby.

John Ensman ’54 died at 77 on Sept. 4 in Shelby.  Surviving are Carol, his wife of 56 years, and children Kurt ’77 of Galion, Jeff ’79 of Lebanon, Ken ’81 and Angie Hostetler ’82, both of Shelby, Lisa Hedrick ’85 of Norwalk, Judy Ensman ’88 of Lexington, KY.

Marge Pugh Fagan ’54 died at 78 on Sept. 10 in Shelby.  Surviving are children Terri Fagan ’75, Debra Williams ’77, Cheryl Sikes ’81 and Mike ’80, all of Shelby, and Brenda Fields ’78 of Ontario.

Dawn Jenkins Murr ’83, a Shelby resident, died unexpectedly at 49 on Sept. 9 in Destin, FL.  Surviving are Doug, her husband of 20 years, and children Brad ’94 of Corry, PA; Jay ’01 of Columbus; Kyle of Oak Harbor; Casey ’08 of Shelby.

Cindy Mayer ’61, a Shelby resident, died at 71 on Sept. 15 in Mansfield.

Don Karr ’55 died at 77 on Sept. 19 in Mansfield.  Surviving are daughters Lisa Burggraph and Beth Karr, both of Mansfield, Helynn Hoffman of Bellville, Donna Haley of Mansfield.

Roger Adam ’39, an inductee into the SHS Hall of Distinction and a Navy vet, died at 92 in Shelby.  Surviving are children Dennis ’68 of Shelby, Mary Ann Vaughan ’74 of Auburn, CA; Melinda Berdanier ’76 of Fairfield, CT.

Merlin King ’49 died at 83 on Sept. 27 in Shelby.  Surviving are Alice, his wife of 63 years, and children Lou Ellen Huff ’70 of Shelby, Larry ’72 of Tiro, Cliff ’73, Kevin ’75 and Janice Cooke ’78, all of Shelby.

Patrick Lybarger ’68 died at 64 on Sept. 19 at his home in Norfolk, VA.  He was a Marine Corps vet.  Surviving are wife Joanna and daughter Apryl Nanney of Shelby.

Lillian Sherman Stover ’43 died at 89 on Sept. 27 in Rochester Hills, Michigan.  Her son Paul ’71 died at 61 on Oct. 9 in Rochester Hills.  Surviving is Diana, his wife of 33 years.

Judy Bricker Huffman ’52 died at 80 on Oct. 3 in Galion.  Surviving are Burnell, her husband of 56 years, and daughters Kathy Sage, Karen Stitzel, Joan Estes and Kerri Ganshorn, all of Galion; Jennifer Maples of Clearwater, FL; Kelly Schimpf of Bucyrus.

Heidi Oesch Fugate ’83 of Flying Hills, PA died at 49 on Oct. 11 in Philadelphia.  Surviving are Chip, her husband of 29 years, and son Jason, a student at Ohio State University.

Bob Chew ’55 died at 77 on Oct. 16 in Shelby.  He was a Navy Reserves vet.  Surviving are Dorothy, his wife of 56 years, and sons Dick ’78 and Mike ’89, both of Shelby.


Macie (left) and Cassidy

Macie (left) and Cassidy


Chris Straw ’63 and long-time beau Jon Pagenkopf were married on Aug. 9 in Fox Point, Wisconsin.

SHS Alumni Impact 

The SHS Alumni Association received Thank You notes from SHS students Macie Korbas and Cassidy Stidam for sponsoring their travel ($500) to the national competition of the FCCLA (Family, Career & Community Leaders of America) in San Antonio, TX.  Both made their SHS teacher and FCCLA adviser, Tami Baumberger, proud as both earned Gold Awards.

Honor Flight 

The Shelby High School FCCLA has supported Honor Flight over the past year. If you are unfamiliar with this organization, here is a link to the website for the chapter located in Columbus. In a nutshell, the organization takes veterans from WWII and the Korean War to Washington D.C. to visit the war memorials. It is a one-day trip, and when the veterans return to the airport, family and friends are there to give them a well-deserved hero’s welcome.

Because of veterans’ ages, there is a need for wheelchairs to be used during their visit to D.C. Honor Flight takes 57 wheelchairs on a trip. If anyone has a used wheelchair that you would like to donate, let me know and I will deliver it to the Honor Flight office.  Also if anyone has a family member who is a veteran of WWII or the Korean War, contact Tammy for information on how to apply for your veteran to go on this trip.

Tami Baumberger
Family & Consumer Sciences Satellite Instructor
FCCLA advisor Pioneer Career & Technology Center @ Shelby High School
1 Whippet Way Shelby, Ohio 44875
Call 419-342-5065 or email: baumberger.tami@pctc.k12.oh.us

Class Updates 


Seated left to right: Nancy Steele Lewis, Amy Cronenwett Robinson, Lisa Carpenter Fernandez, Pam Kleman. Standing left to right: Jill Dunbar Humphrey, Pam Wetz Lynch, Vikki Denman Arlen, Addie Ramsey, Karen Dennis Swank, Jan Gross Lewis, Nancy Bell Perman.

Looking ahead to Christmas. Each year girls of the Class of ’80 gather during Christmas season.  For the last three years they’ve met at the home of Lisa Carpenter Fernandez.  In addition they stay connected throughout the year with a variety activities.

 Says Lisa, “We welcome anyone from the class of 1980 to participate and sometimes we let the guys join in!  If you are interested in getting together with us, please email me at lisa.fernandez3@neo.rr.com.


Keep in mind that your Whippet Echoes Faithful Fivesome welcomes input for this newsletter.  Birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries, travels, honors, awards, life changes, doings involving kids or grandkids – we welcome it all. Contact us to submit your updates.

Retired SHS teacher Mel John, Chuck Schiffer ’64, Tom Armstrong ’70, Greg Daniel ’71, Mike Johnson ’63

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